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These posts celebrate the solitary hours between the twilights, days of earth and sky bathed in dawn’s early light, and the interplay of water and light on rivers and shorelines – Alien Shores at the edge of dreams.

For the past 3 years, the soundtrack of my life has been the ocean – often lapping at my feet on some barely seen moss covered rock platform, whilst overhead the star cities of the Milky Way arch across the sky. Some extraordinary nights.

In previous years my companion was the rolling hills and rivers of the Central West, NSW …. places where frost and mist are born. The night sky here was the darkest I have ever known, and the Sagittarius Arm fell like diamonds and stardust across the landscape.

It’s often a challenge to go out into the Night Land and walk along lonely headlands or across frozen fields to places like these ….. But the reward is priceless.

Scattered throughout are posts of places that have left marks on my soul … Places of the Heart – some I would return to today if possible, others to remain forever just memories.