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  1. Hi Wes!
    Are you already aware, that many of the cities you visited a few weeks ago are drowning in water?
    The old town of Passau stands 2-3 meters under water and and Prague also has big problems… People call it a century flood.
    Just google for “Hochwasser 2013” and the town Name…
    Greetings from Stefan


    1. Hi Stefan

      Yes, thank you for your message – I’ve been looking at the images all over the world now. It’s an unfolding tragedy. As I go through my photos of just a few weeks ago it’s difficult to relate to what people are seeing and dealing with right now.
      Im not certain of where you live, and i Hope your situation there is ok.



      1. Thank you for asking, Wes, but me and my family and all our friends are safe and ok. We live in Wolfratshausen, 30 kilometers south of Munich. There are some streets closed, some house basements flooded by groundwater and the local rivers are bursting full, but nothing really to worry here. The rivers Isar and Loisach have been renaturated during the last 50 years and this causes positive effects. The water can spread to huge natural meadows, woods and marsh areas. Otherwise Munich would be under water too… The big problem with the Inn and the Donau is the embanking over long distances. Passau has been evacuated, but the damage caused by the water will be incredible huge. All the hotels, restaurants and other touristical businesses will loose their economical base. And these risks are not insurable… I think the government will grant them cheap credits for the buildup.
        These floods have been there for hundreds of years, but never as worse as today by far. I think it’s some first effect of the global warming and the weather confusion. It rained here around strongly during the last 3 weeks. In the end of May! Very unusual.
        People will have to arrange…
        Kind regards from Stefan


  2. I came across your site recently, and have found wonderful pleasure in the photographs and subjects; and their presentation. Tonight I briefly glimpsed samples of your travel and astrophotography posts. As I live about 25 miles from NYC, I particularly enjoyed your take on the city.
    Astronomically,I’m jealous of your beautiful images, – enchanted with the southern sky portraits. I started a similar love for the heavens over 50 years ago, lasting only long enough for the local light pollution to smother the grandeur. Guiding small telescopes for hand developed photos back then was…difficult, but we enjoyed the “deep-sky” efforts. It’s curious to see some of you “familiar” subjects (like the Orion area,) “upside down!!!”
    I may put a few of those old images up on my site soon, just for fun.
    So nice meeting you in the cloud, and hoping to enjoy further enjoyment from your blog.


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