Shadow Lands

  When you start looking through a photograph library for images that include some form of shadowing, it becomes apparent very quickly just how significant it is to try and delineate light from darkness … And you see easily why some images stand apart – why the same landscape leaps out at you at sunrise … More Shadow Lands

Diamond Light

In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge …. Twinkle Prague Fairmont Empress Hotel – Victoria, Vancouver Island Paris – City of Light Venus over Kozskiusko Mauna Kea – Big Island, Hawaii  

Unforgotten Dreams

Gone, But Not Forgotten In response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge … Gone but not Forgotten   On the afternoon of 18 January 2003, the Mt Stromlo Observatory on the outskirts of Canberra ACT was destroyed by wildfire. Standing at the edge of a steep escarpment facing directly into the approaching firestorm – staff … More Unforgotten Dreams


  This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is CONVERGE …   Global Star MO59 converging with Venus against a Milky Way backdrop 10 Milion Suns converging to form the Omega Cluster Winter jet trails converge above a Bathurst Dawn sky Convergence of sky and ground – Storm cell over Bathurst  


This week's WordPress Photo Challenge is to select images that say Minimalist…. Wellington – New Zealand Moorea Bathurst, NSW Lake Louise – Alberta, Canada Ramshead Range – Koszkiusko National Park Oberon NSW Jervis Bay – South Coast, NSW Southern Ocean – New Zealand  


This week's WordPress Photo Challenge is Refraction   Glacier Bay – Alaska Rock Pool at Currarong – South Coast, NSW Australia Control Valve – 3 Mile Dam, Kiandra Goldfields NSW Australia  

Dreams of the South Pacific

  Having just returned today from a month travelling through Hawaii (Big Island and Oahu) and the South Pacific …. The WordPress Photo Challenge Theme “Dreamy” seems an appropriate time to post a few images of Bora Bora and Moorea (Tahiti).          

Mauna Kea

From where I am staying at Waikaloa Beach on the Big Island of Hawai’i, you look across 30 miles of desolate volcanic terrain to Mauna Kea. At sunset from here on the coast … above the perpetual cloud layer that wreathes the summit, the domes of the Subaru and Keck 1&2 Telescopes can be seen … More Mauna Kea

Harvest Moon

Come a little bit closerHear what I have to sayJust like children sleepin'We could dream this night away But there's a full moon risin'Let's go dancin' in the lightWe know where the music's playin'Let's go out and feel the night Because I'm still in love with youI wanna see you dance againBecause I'm still in … More Harvest Moon

The Greatest Adventure

  This week's WordPress Photo Challenge is Adventure …. Other interpretations can be found Here He often used to say there was only one Road;that it was like a great river:its springs were at every doorstep and every path was its tributary.“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door,” he used to say.“You … More The Greatest Adventure

WPC – Silhouette

  Cheri’s WordPress Challenge this week is Silhouette ….     Banff Springs Hotel – Alberta, Canada Palais de la Découverte – Paris Melk Abbey – Austria Jervis Bay – NSW Glanmire – Central Tablelands, NSW      

Lake Louise – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise, named Lake of the Little Fishes by the Stoney Natoka First Nations people, is a glacial lake within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, located 5 km west of the Hamlet of Lake Louise and the Trans-Canada Highway. Lake Louise is named after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939), the fourth daughter of … More Lake Louise – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Glacier Bay – Alaska

The highlights of the sail through the Alaskan Inside Passage were the days spent in Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm. Both are majestic in their own right, surrounded by fog shrouded cliffs and pine forested peaks, harbouring wildlife including whales and bald eagles.For photographers, the best conditions to view the glaciers in both are overcast … More Glacier Bay – Alaska

Seasons in the Sun

The windmill remembers …. the midday heat of summer past, the tinder dry grass here on the banks of the river, baking and shimmering like silver in the sun.Now, in the cold dawn on an Autumn morning fog blankets the landscape and the wet grass glistens from overnight rain. The freezing winds of Winter will … More Seasons in the Sun

The Silence

“I saw old Autumn in the misty morning stand, shadowless like Silence, listening to Silence.” – Thomas Hood Stewart's Mount – Ophir Road, Bathurst  

The Golden Moment

Currambene Creek enters Jervis Bay immediately north of Huskisson on the western shore of the bay, and is part of the Jervis Bay Marine Park – it includes a Sanctuary and Habitat Protection Zone along its shore. The animals and plants here have adapted to survive in an environment of seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and … More The Golden Moment

Mt Stromlo Observatory

Mount Stromlo Observatory located just outside of Canberra, Australia is part of the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Australian National Observatory (ANU). The observatory was established in 1924, and until WWII specialised in solar and atmospheric observations. During the war the workshops contributed to the war effort by producing gun sights and … More Mt Stromlo Observatory

Fog Bow

Fog Bows (white rainbows) are formed in the same way as rainbows in that light is reflected inside tiny water droplets and emerges to form a large circle or arc opposite the sun. This one was shot over my back fence at dawn yesterday. It was gone again in 5 minutes.  

Red Point

By the end of the last Ice Age the rise in sea levels due to melting continental glaciers, had turned inland river valleys into bays and lagoons along the coast. Jervis Bay is a classic example. At that time, Red Point was once approximately 20km from the coast, perched on the edge of a river … More Red Point

Waiting for the Sun

At first flash of Eden We race down to the sea Standing there on freedom's shore Waiting for the sun Can you feel it Now that Spring has come That it's time to live in the scattered sun Waiting for the sun Waiting for you to come along Jim Morrison – The Doors  

Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park is located in the Jervis Bay Territory of Australia. What is now the national park was declared as a nature reserve in 1971. In 1992, Jervis Bay National Park was declared. In 1995, the park was transferred to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal community, which leases the area back to the Australian Department … More Booderee National Park

Tarana – Evans Crown

Evans Crown stands 1104 metres above sea level and overlooks the magnificent Tarana valley to the west of Lithgow and the Blue Mountains. The Evans Crown Nature Reserve, a short distance from the village of Tarana, is the home of towering granite rock formations sitting amongst a wilderness of native bushland. The reserve has a … More Tarana – Evans Crown