Night Shore Chronicles – Blue Magic

In the last days of winter 2018, on the night shores of Jervis Bay I witnessed nature in its awe inspiring beauty and mystery …. as each small wave washed the sand in bioluminescent blue. There may well be others, but only a single night of wonder like this is required in any lifetime

6 thoughts on “Night Shore Chronicles – Blue Magic

  1. Wes, I honestly don’t know how you capture both the blues in the water waves and the star lights in the same shot. Beautiful.


    1. Thanks Gord – Most of my bio night work is captured in 2 separate shots, the first for the sky using an exposure of 25 sec. The water/shoreline is taken with about a 15 sec exposure and both are then merged. Depends on how strong the bio-luminescence is which in turn depends on waves etc. Great fun.


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