Soft, Shining Peace

Silence Falls
The echoes die,
the smoke-clouds thin and pass,
The cannons are, like statues, dumb and cold:
Silent the crosses wait, and in the grass
The spent shells gleam like gold.
All spent he lay and dreamed till the moment came:
Now, waking with a cry, he looks, all wonder
To see the empty sky hurl down no flame:
To hear no crack of thunder.
Henry Weston Pryce – 11 November 1918




Thiepval Memorial to the Missing – Somme, Northern France

6 thoughts on “Soft, Shining Peace

  1. Wes, very poignant and appropriate. Wonderful image of a place we have both been to, and I know you well enough to know you silently wondered why it all happened. I did as well.

    Gord Stovel

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