Waiting for the Sun

My inspiration for rising in darkness and waiting for the dawn, is to share the wonder of watching the day begin. Not just to show the sunrise, but to tell you how it feels to be there. Timelapse gives me that ability.
A few years ago, I moved from the rolling hills of Central West NSW – the place where fog is born, and where the icy dawn was my companion. The memory of frozen hands has travelled with me now to warmer climes in Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW where another chapter in my photographic journey is being written.
My website galleries show the landscape I left behind, and the seascape I now live with. On a hundred small white sand beaches and rocky headlands, it is always possible to find a special place to be still and be present as I listen to the soundtrack of the ocean.
Whether it is standing beside the fog shrouded Macquarie River in Bathurst, or above a turquoise ocean here in the Bay, Waiting for the Sun has been a mantra – anticipating that unique and magical moment where the sky pales from shades of indigo blue through to pinks, reds and orange.
Hopefully this video conveys that moment.
Soundtrack: Epic Soul Factory – Xpansion Edition “The Third Fall”
You can purchase this Album from Apple Music …. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/epic-soul-factory-xpansion/id724988930


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