Until Dawn Comes

“….my sacred landscape is the foothills of the stars – I go there often to sleep …John Geddes – A Familiar Rain

It’s 4.30am this morning … I’m at home reading my Twitter news feed, with its mixed bag of international and local political dramas, tragedies, opinions and diatribes, and planning the week ahead.

Yesterday at this same time, I had put my head torch on and walked down a narrow bush track and was standing on a rocky outcrop overlooking the calm pre-dawn of Jervis Bay NSW. The Milky Way and other lights across the Bay were reflected in the still waters, small waves washed against the rocky beach below …. and every 10 seconds, the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse cast its beam across the seascape.

Here, there is no room to move around … just make sure the tripod is secure and get the settings right, then stand for an hour looking up at the sky watching satellites and the ever lightening eastern horizon as the stars travel up and over following their Celestial Pathways … until the dawn comes. Not a single thought about the state of the world, the task list or trivial matters – just Being Here Now.

An easy choice ….

Inspired by WordPress Photo Challenge – I’d Rather Be










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