10 thoughts on “Supermoon 2016

  1. Wes: I don’t think a point perpendicular is possible! But it looks familiar from many of your images! Nice Picture. PS, Just bought a Nexstar 4sl for my grandson, used, but really un-used for less than half the new price. First time I had any experiences with a computeized telescope. Most impressive. Having had a 10″ Celestron Newtonian reflector many many years ago, makes me think ….hmmmmm. Give the kid the little one for now, and buy a larger aperture version for myself, and rationalize that it’ll be for him in the future…..! M 🙂 Think my wife would buy that plan)?

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    1. Thanks Marty … No, that plan won’t work, wives are always perceptive and on guard for cunning ideas like that. I sort of wish sometimes that I hadn’t sold my big 9.25 Celestron last year, and I’m still waiting to really get the iOptron Tracker going on deep sky. Any day now. Regards – Wes.


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