Waiting for Summer

Inspired by WordPress Photo Challenge …. LOCAL

Here, in this paradise … on a hundred small white sand beaches and rocky headlands, it is always possible to find a special place – a Happy Place where before dawn you can sit and contemplate the day ahead. Over this past year as I’ve acclimatised to coastal life and become “local”, the soundtrack of my life has been the ocean – often lapping at my feet on a moss covered rock platform, whilst overhead the star cities of the Milky Way arch across the sky.

Or waiting for Dawn Twilight as I was this morning – that unique and magical time before the sun rises where the sky pales from shades of indigo blue through to pinks, reds and orange.

The holiday people have gone home until Christmas … It is mine for now.


“Look around at the day
I’m alive on being around
where the waves come smiling with curls
all flying
spend a lot of time inside the world
of delightful rain
and the whirly whirly wind
blows its song round the bay
and the whirly whirly wind knows my name”

Peter Howe – I’m Alive (Morning of the Earth)

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