There are Places – Bathurst

A year ago, I moved from this place … the place where fog is born, and where the icy dawn was my companion for many days. I truly embraced the winter cold waiting for sunrise, and the lonely silence of the night sky. The memory of frozen hands travelled with me to the warmer climes in Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW where another life chapter has begun.

The natural landscape enfolds Bathurst on all sides – rolling hills and the Macquarie River meandering through its fertile valley. Where I lived high on the edge of town for a decade, the predominant feature was the weather … There was plenty of warning of approaching storms, and often – time to quickly assemble camera and tripod in the hills or over the back fence.

My passion for dawn and dusk and the milky way here as it arched across the landscape is apparent for anyone who looks at my website, and if you’ve followed me for awhile you will have seen some or all of these images … but this Gallery represent the photographic legacy I take with me of my time here in this special place.


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