Deep Sky




5 thoughts on “Deep Sky

  1. Your images are phenomenal. I know of the difficulties to achieve this (although many are still upside down :-)) and even more impressive with the relatively small aperture telescope (and mount…) In addition, your mastery of the current crop of “tools” makes me jealous.
    The gallery is like a trip down memory lane for me, except those objects down under! Curiously, however, I wonder about the apparent comet captured with the Pleiades? Lovejoy? Nice! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on capturing these awesome astronomical wonders. You certainly have spent a lot of time in the night. M 🙂

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    1. Thank you Marty – comments very much appreciated. Putting this one together was also a memory trip for me as I still would love to do deep sky. I think a small high quality refractor on an EQ mount is the answer, but I might have a go at using the iOptron for some wide field if I can get those dark skies.

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