A Day will Come

Here, on the Plantation Point headland overlooking Jervis Bay, you gaze out into the dark night to watch the core of our own Milky Way galaxy rising in the East above Point Perpendicular then arch magestically across the Bay. The neighbouring Magellanic Cloud galaxies lie high in the southern sky, while Mars, Saturn and Spica burn brightly on the northern flank of the Milky Way.

A 14 frame Panorama. Foreground frames ISO 800, f/2.8, Exp. 180 sec. Sky frames ISO1600, f/2.8, Exp. 20 sec. Canon 7D, Rokinon 14mm f/2.8.

All this world is heavy with the promise of greater things, and a day will come, one days in the unending succession of days, when beings, beings who are now latent in our thoughts and hidden in our loins, shall stand upon this Earth as one stands upon a footstool and laugh and reach out their hands amidst the stars.

H. G. Wells – The Discovery of the Future

 20160529-Plantation Headland_5

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