11 thoughts on “Endless Summer Days 2

  1. Beautiful, as usual. A note, however: – I believe since your last post in October, we have not been able to click on your photos for higher resolution. That was about the time the new editor came along. Just wondering your thought on this. I’ve been able to circumvent this unfortunate issue by re-working older posts M:-)


      1. Yes. Unless there is a legitimate way to choose the old editor, I’ve had to copy pre-new editor posts and re-write new content into old framework. It’s annoyingly time consuming. M 😦


      2. Reply two. Another blogger, (Disperser Tracks,) is quite savvy about the workings and pitfalls of wordpress. In dealing with the same problem, he addressed with comments in one one my recent posts, – detailing another way to revert to the old editor, and hence, the “zoom” feature we all like. Check his comments out here:
        and while there I’d love to hear your take on the night sky image I took in Utah, it being about 12 sec. Your images are the benchmark way above what I can do. Do you piggyback on the Meade (8″ ?) for these? You can write direct at Mvschulze@yahoo.com. M 🙂


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