There are Places …

“Regular maps have few surprises: their contour lines reveal where the Andes are, and are reasonably clear. More precious, though, are the unpublished maps we make ourselves, of our city, our place, our daily world, our life; those maps of our private world we use every day; here I was happy, in that place I left my coat behind after a party, that is where I met my love; I cried there once, I was heartsore; but felt better round the corner once I saw the hills of Fife across the Forth, things of that sort, our personal memories, that make the private tapestry of our lives.”
Alexander McCall Smith, Love Over Scotland

Inspired by WordPress Photo ChallengeHappy Place

This place … a timber platform above the rocky shoreline of Nelson Beach, Jervis Bay has become a special choice for sunrise photography since moving here 3 months ago … It not only provides a panoramic view east across the Bay to Point Perpendicular and the sun, but also a place to sit quietly and  meditate on the beauty and sound of the ocean.



At sunset … above the perpetual cloud layer that wreathes the summit, the dome of the Subaru Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii shines like gold in the dying rays of the sun.

The night sky here was the darkest I have ever experienced, and the Sagittarius Arm fell like diamonds and stardust across the landscape.



Bathurst …. The place where fog is born, and where the dawn was my companion for a thousand days. I truly embraced the winter cold waiting for sunrise, walking alone along the Macquarie River, and the lonely silence of the night sky watching the Milky Way.

20150406-bathurst-0027 Memories 2-220150218-Highway Dawn-2

Here on the Bogan River at Nyngan in western NSW … across the mountains and far from the sea, I found sun bleached dry grass plains and a sky of intense azure blue
A wide river with red soil banks of eucalypt and willow providing dappled shade
dragonflies and midges hovering at midday above languid pools
Pelicans and screeching black galahs flying into the morning sun
Scorpius rising against an ink black night sky
Solitude and peace in fields of gold beside a quiet dirt road
Here, it will forever be summer


31 thoughts on “There are Places …

      1. That shot was in Bathurst just before dawn … A single image with the Canon 7D and Canon 24-105L. ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/13 sec and using a Grad ND Filter for the sky.


      2. Sorry – I had the wrong shot. I think you mean the milky way one at dawn with the tree ….. that was a single frame at ISO 1600, Exp. 25 sec, f/2.8. No filters just Lightroom processing. And using the Rokinon 14mm.


  1. Amazing photography! And I particularly like the oz ones – Jervis Bay was my childhood playground. Have a look at my entry for this weeks challenge, its from Huski.


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