Galactic Prowess

Another spectacular image from Craig’s recent New Zealand photography tour.

Craig Schulstad Photography

One of the things I really wanted to capture while back in New Zealand was this place at night under the Milky Way. I shot it in 2012 while I was there but wasn’t overly happy with my image due to noise from high iso settings that my camera at the time couldn’t handle.

We had to wait until about 5.30am after the near full moon had set before we could begin to shoot which also meant that our Milky Way was also very low in the sky but it gave me a chance to also capture the small and large Magellanic Cloud galaxies in the same frame.

The Church Of The Good Sheperd in Lake Tekapo under the setting Milky Way Galaxy and the large and small Magellanic Cloud galaxies which are the most distant objects visible to the naked eye at 157,000 and 200,00 light years away.


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