Days of Earth and Sky – Ramshead Range

The Ramshead Range is part of the Snowy Mountains, located in the Monaro region of New South Wales and the Alpine region of Victoria, Australia. The peaks of the range are around 2,100 metres, with Mount Twynam at 2,178 metres.

Because the Australian Alps are only of modest height, glaciers were formed only on the very highest parts (above 2000 m) in the vicinity of Mt Kosciuszko. Much of the Australian Alps outside the small glaciated area was still affected by cold conditions during the Pleistocene, indicated by periglacial features such as block streams, terracing and frost-shattered boulders. These features all require ice to be present in rocks and soil for much of the time.

The Thredbo River rises below South Rams Head, near Mount Leo within the Kosciuszko National Park. The river flows west and northwest near Dead Horse Gap, then generally north, passing through the village of Thredbo, before emptying into Lake Jindabyne. The river descends 649 metres over its 40 kilometres course.

The flow of the river is impacted by alpine conditions; with high flows during spring as a result of snow melt. During winter, the river is subject to snow and ice conditions.

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