Blood Moon over Bathurst

This is a stitched 2 frame image of the Blood Moon (full Lunar Eclipse) over Bathurst last night. I was imaging with a Canon 7D prime focussed in Celestron CPC 9.25, and my photographer son Craig nearby with his Canon 5D2 and Canon 70-200mm L lens. Clouds obscured any view until near totality and the window closed a few minutes following these shots. We somehow both managed to capture a few reasonable images considering the long wait in sub-prime conditions.

IMG_6765-2 20150404-astrophotography-moon-0041_stitch-2

12 thoughts on “Blood Moon over Bathurst

    1. Thanks Marty – Yes it was a borderline night, we set up the scope and all the cables, laptop etc with full cloud cover just in anticipation – then waited for an hour until clouds slowly parted for a few minutes giving me a few shots at very high ISO (for the moon anyway) just to see the thing through the misty sky. Had to stitch a few together for the full moon. Craig did capture a few stars as you say – that Canon 70-200L is a beast to carry around but it comes into its own with astro detail. We had sore necks from looking up for hours but worthwhile. Did you get anything there in NY ?


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