The Ephemeral Light of Stars

Inspired by WordPress Weekly Photo ChallengeEphemeral There are singular momentous events in the life of the universe – of star-birth and death, of colliding galaxies, massive firestorms of light that once or twice in a century illuminate the sky with fire and wonder … but the light is ephemeral. It often comes to us from the edge of time itself – from aeons past … and floats softly and silently into our eyes for just one fleeting moment when we look out into the eternal darkness between stars. In this image, from 4.30am yesterday, the Milky Way is touching the horizon over the old gold fields of Napoleon Reef near Bathurst NSW.  The hour spent here under that cold and black Autumn sky was sacred. Brief one second bursts of light from the small torch used to illuminate the ruined cottage pierced the pre-dawn, making it feel like you were capturing something secret and meant to be kept hidden in the dark. Another fleeting moment. “To photograph, is to hold one’s breath … when all faculties converge, to capture fleeting reality.” Henri Cartier-Bresson Canon 7D, Rokinon 14mm @ f/2.8, ISO 1600, Exp 25 sec. Panorama stitched in Microsoft ICE and Processed in Lightroom

8 thoughts on “The Ephemeral Light of Stars

  1. I’m running out of superlatives for your work, but just wanted to convey my appreiciation for this commentary, and the wonderful image. I can feel your experience through the words; the quiet of the deep night, the sky and the flashing illunimation of the building. I appreciate the decription of place and time and feeling as being as much a part of the image as the image itself. M 🙂


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