Shadow Lands

When you start looking through a photograph library for images that include some form of shadowing, it becomes apparent very quickly just how significant it is to try and delineate light from darkness … And you see easily why some images stand apart – why the same landscape leaps out at you at sunrise and sunset, but at midday appears flat and featureless.

Contrast is perhaps the most important feature of any image … Established at that choice of moment when you create the shot, the emotion you want to convey is almost always a product of the play of light against an object … Either showing it in silhouette, or the dark mysterious corner of a space against a sunlit wall or the painting of shadow lines through a window.

If you want to see the true impact of shadows and contrast in your images, experiment by removing the colour … Without the distraction and warmth of the orange sunset or the brightly painted brickwork, the light itself will often create the mood and drama you felt when looking through the viewfinder. Your eyes will be drawn to the sharp edges between light and shade – focussing your attention quickly on the primary subject.


In response to WordPress Photo Challenge Shadowed




6 thoughts on “Shadow Lands

  1. Chapeau! What beautiful pictures but more – what a great explanation Those of us who quiet literally point and shoot are left speechless at the cleverness of it all. I particularly love the willow to the water. But then I particularly love them all.


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