Belgravia – Rebirth of an Icon

In the early 1900’s Blue Mountains newspapers regularly published the names of guests staying at the Hydro Majestic Hotel in Medlow Bath … Such was the place this iconic building held in Sydney society at that time.
The original Hotel was a health spa resort called Belgravia, built by the Gatsby-esque Mark Foy who developed the hotel with extensive gardens, cows for fresh milk and chauffeured his guests from Sydney in a fleet of cars owned by his company. The Hotel is a grand merging of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau architecture and was closed 6 years ago following many upgrades and threatening bushfires.
The Hydro as it is affectionately known to most people familiar with its history, has now been fully refurbished and in part restored over the past 2 years to reflect its former glory days. Opening of the first stage was this week at a cost of $30 million.
Standing in the centre of a newly landscaped area to make this image, I thought that the view I had at that moment through the camera would have looked almost identical to that 100 years ago … There are new buildings and car parks, however the imposing walls of the hotel, the late afternoon summer clouds racing across the escarpment into the Megalong Valley and the grandeur of the surrounding mountains are timeless and unchanging.
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