Upper Level Disturbance

It's been a week of storms in Central West NSW, and indeed across Eastern Australia … Every afternoon the clouds roll in with attending thunder – dropping much needed rain across the landscape. It hasn't been that easy though to get the storm shots I always hope for with dark heavy cloud and lightning cutting across the horizon – and just being in position for that decisive moment with hopefully a dry camera (and being safe).
These images are from 2 nights ago where most of the conditions were ideal … After sunset, proximity to a threatening and approaching strong cell, sheet lightning illuminating the cloud bank and occasional forks on the horizon. The camera settings are varied, but generally a very low ISO of 100, a long exposure time around 25-30 seconds, the lovely Rokinon 14mm @ f2.8 and the Canon 7D that can tolerate a few moments of rain if necessary. Enjoy.


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