Cover Art for PhotoBooks

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to select images that could be used for covers (books, albums etcetera) ….
For me, one of the enjoyable things about returning home from travel is to create a Photo Book of the best images – some in Hard Cover but mainly eBook format. I use Blurb Books as its web based system is relatively straight forward and the quality has for me been very good so far.
Selecting the images to use as a cover is always the tricky bit … Trying to depict the mood of any travel destination is based on what you yourself experienced, and like all photography – the images presented should create an emotional connection with the reader of the final Book.
To date I’ve published 2 Photo Books with another 3 in production somewhere (but always running a few trips behind and trying to catch up)
Paris Lumiere (Published) – Link
This is the actual image chosen for the Photo Book in the Blurb Bookstore. Paris was cold and wet in the late Spring of 2013 – leaden skies, gentle rain and slanting light. Perfect for photography. All the images in the book are black and white and the misty grey cover image is typical of the mood of those 10 days.
Prague to Amsterdam (In Progress)
The cover for this Photo Book (almost complete) was taken from the Charles Bridge in Prague on the very first morning of a month in Europe in 2013. It set the scene for all that followed – sailing from Budapest along the rivers of Europe to Amstedam and then travelling down to Paris. Prague and Paris were the bookends of the trip and the few early mornings I spent on this bridge before sunrise were the highlight of the Prague end.
Canadian Rockies and Alaska (Next on list)
How to select a single frame from these iconic places. Banff, Lake Louise, Whistler, Glacier Bay, Tracy Arm, Skagway ….. All days were filled with mountains shrouded in misty cloud or water – often both, and in the end this image from Glacier Bay defined the mood of those 3 weeks perfectly
Beach (Published) – Link
A small Photo Book made as a gift for friends living in Jervis Bay on the south coast of NSW. The image is the one I always regard as typical when I visit the many beaches in the area particularly at dawn
Hawaii and South Pacific (Yet to be started)
The opposite of Canada and Alaska …. Tropical and lush. Apart from the night on Mauna Kea, days were defined by the colours – turquoise and green with clouds.

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