Dawn over Dunkeld – Waiting for Meteors

Went into the hills yesterday at 4.30am to try and catch the Orionid Meteors …. But despite seeing a few with my eyes while setting up the gear, didn’t capture anything on camera. However, the approaching Dawn, the Milky Way arching overhead and a thin crescent moon rising over Stewart’s Mount – coupled with the fog layers sitting in the river below gave some consolation.
The Radiant below Orion …


15 thoughts on “Dawn over Dunkeld – Waiting for Meteors

  1. This is a lovely series. When I try to watch meteors or northern lights if it’s not the ever present late fall/winter long lake effect cloud cover it is the rising mists obscuring my view. As you have shown here the rising mists themselves can be a thing of beauty.


  2. Beautiful effects, Wes. I always look forward to seeing – and admiring your work. These are by far no exception. Interesting effect on the second milky way image, and I love the b/w crescent moon – not to detract from the others! It’s also always interesting to see (1st pic.) the very familiar winter sky…upside down! M :)-


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