Dialogue across Time

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to bring together two photos into a resulting dialoguethe story they tell to the viewer.

The grainy black & white image was taken by my grandfather sometime in the early 1930’s as he drove his horse and sulky back from Cowra in the Central West of NSW to his wheat and sheep farm “Hillford” near the village of Wattamondara on the western rail line.

The farm is nestled at the foot of the Weddin Mountains on the right of image …. And as a small child visiting for school winter holidays from Sydney, this same view approaching the farm was a constant theme in the corridors of my mind growing up as I relished the thought of 2 weeks of adventure roaming hills and valleys alone at dawn, the farmlife, and the open fireplace that burned all day and night.

Below it is an image I made almost at the same spot on the road a year ago … In that 80 or so years trees have died, the rutted dirt road is tarred, the world as known then has changed very dramatically. And when my grandfather stopped here on a warm summers day and looked into the future of what his life might hold he did not imagine a World War or any of the conflicts and complexities we today are faced with – but the panorama he captured here is almost the same as mine. Somethings stay the same.
Standing here, I can still hear water bubbling down the creek nearby as it always did, the rustling wheat fields, and the sound of wind in the pepper trees. The farm house and machinery further up the road are gone – or lie rusting under tall grass, existing now only in faded photographs …. But they speak across time.



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