Star Clouds over Bathurst (Panorama)

Out in the fields with the kangaroos behind my house on a cold but finally clear night…..

The Milky Way arches over Bathurst NSW on 22 July 2014. This panorama is a 4 row mosaic (needed a 5th for the top of the MW). The Magellanic Clouds are visible beneath the arch towards the right, and the light from my house glows at left. The Panorama covers about 270 deg horizontally and 90 deg vertically.

This time I used the Canon 24-105L at 24 to minimise distortion but the consequence is a massive Tiff at the stitched end (60 frames) to process for uploading.

Exp. 25 sec. ISO 3200. Canon 7D. Microsoft ICE. LR4


5 thoughts on “Star Clouds over Bathurst (Panorama)

  1. Wes, what a glorious expanse. And how the Magellanic Clouds show up even in the loom of light. Is that Antares and Scorpio just beneath the lower cloud? Here on the Cape Peninsula we’re at 34*S, is Bathurst lower? You computer must smoke processing tiff and stitching multiple frames. Gives the feel of our domed-shaped heavens. Fabulous!


    1. Thanks Liz. We are at 33.4 so pretty much the same view. LR does a really good job on the tiffs and after some experimenting I think Microsoft ICE is a good stitching choice (free too). The bright stars below the MCs are Achernar and Canopus on my charts anyway. Wes


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