Castle of Dreams – Banff Springs Hotel

A British writer Morley Roberts, who worked on the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883 recounted seeing the Banff Springs Hotel for the first time after 40 years absence from the Rocky Mountains …. Morley visited and toured through the Hotel, felt its walls, looked through its windows and talked to its guests, and decided that the building, like Banff itself was a dream … And like a dream, at once beautiful and absurd.
“The truth is that I could not take beautiful Banff seriously. I dreamed it . . . On a pine-covered bank or bluff above the crystal foam of the Bow I came to a gigantic castle. It had no business to be there.”
Indeed, the Banff Springs Hotel despite a number of major renovations over the years, still seems dreamlike 125 years after it first rose majestically out of the forest, surrounded by towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains. This is especially so when approaching as I did one afternoon from the Bow River, climbing up the endless stairs to the lower levels and courtyards. The building towers above the landscape in an overpowering way.
If you rise early before the eastern sun strikes the arched windows of the Hotel – you can easily drown in the history of this place, recalling the stories and myths … the film stars and wealthy celebrities that travelled here …. the hauntings and unexplained events … All these are vivid as you walk the darkened wood lined corridors and deserted ballrooms of this beautiful dream.




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