Glacier Bay – Alaska

The highlights of the sail through the Alaskan Inside Passage were the days spent in Glacier Bay and Tracy Arm. Both are majestic in their own right, surrounded by fog shrouded cliffs and pine forested peaks, harbouring wildlife including whales and bald eagles.
For photographers, the best conditions to view the glaciers in both are overcast … This accentuates the intensity of the blue in the ice. Low cloud and fog also adds depth to the landscape reflecting the sunlight onto the water in a special way.
President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the area around Glacier Bay a national monument under the Antiquities Act on February 25, 1925. Subsequent to an expansion of the monument by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) enlarged the national monument by 523,000 acres on December 2, 1980 and in the process created Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, with 57,000 additional acres of public land designated as national preserve to the immediate northwest of the park in order to protect a portion of the Alsek River and related fish and wildlife habitats.
Glacier Bay became part of a binational UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, was inscribed as a Biosphere Reserve in 1986 and in 1994 undertook an obligation to work with Hoonah and Tlingit Native American organizations in the management of the protected area. In total the park and preserve cover 13,287 km². Most of Glacier Bay is designated wilderness area which covers 10,784 km²

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4 thoughts on “Glacier Bay – Alaska

  1. Had a little trouble navigating this page, Wes, (“Opps …not found…”) but weaved my way to it…That being said, the images are awesome. Our visit to Glacier bay in 2008 was epic, but being new to digital photography at that time, my images were only “pretty good,” a good number of steps below your stunning reproductions. Nice work! M


    1. Sorry Marty – I was playing with Themes and widgets. Hopefully it all works now. Thanks for the comment. I doubt anyone could take a bad image in GB … It’s a perfect place to point a lens in almost any direction.


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