White Rainbow (Timelapse)

A short timelapse of a white rainbow or fogbow captured at Lake Oberon just after sunrise, from the Seasons at Oberon” Timelapse posted last week [Vimeo Link]
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I've managed a few stills of these events before but never been setup for running off 150 frames in one session to see how it forms. It's very transient …. A few minutes after this all trace was gone.
The fogbow's lack of colors is caused by the smaller water drops … so small that the wavelength of light becomes important. Diffraction smears out colors that would be created by larger rainbow water drops …[NASA]

3 thoughts on “White Rainbow (Timelapse)

  1. Wonderful to see the transient ‘action’ – must have been quite a feat in having gear at the ready to capture a scene of this nature. I’ve seen ‘moonbows’ out at sea and was inspired by their gossamer shimmer. Going to keep an eye out for fogbows…


  2. Cool! Since I’ve been uploading my pics to Google+ I’ve noticed they do something very funky with pics taken in a consecutive manner – they auto-animate them. I have a series of pics of a bright rainbow in a dark sky taken over a marina. To see it animate is really something.

    Now that you’ve joined Instagram, I’m throwing a new photog SM project in your face… 🙂


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