Street Life – Paris and Prague

The WordPress WPC this week is Street Life ….
The Bookends of Europe – Paris and Prague have streets and avenues to live in and truly remember all the days of your life.
Whether in the pre-dawn walking the quiet and empty Karlova down to the Charles Bridge and Vltava River, or in Paris … meandering through the crowded Rue Cler Markets, savouring the first strong espresso of the day and looking out onto the wet Rue Bosquet from your apartment window.


14 thoughts on “Street Life – Paris and Prague

    1. Thank you Marketa … That was a very familiar street after a few days going back and forth to the Bridge. Empty and serene at 6am and so crowded by 10. I loved the mood at dawn.


      1. Charles Bridge is very romantic early in the morning with no one on it, with the morning mist/fog if you’re lucky. Going to see my family in four weeks, really looking forward to being back in Prague.


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