Summer’s End – Time Lapse

I recently spent 10 days capturing the ever changing landscape around Jervis Bay in NSW Australia, and it's surrounding coastline during the last days of summer.
As the season waned inevitably towards Autumn, the skies thickened with cloud, sunrise was watched often with a chill in the air, and rain squalls washed the sand.
The timelapse was filmed at Callala Beach, Myola, Culburra (Penguin Head), Currarong, Crookhaven Heads, Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and Honeymoon Bay.


15 thoughts on “Summer’s End – Time Lapse

  1. I think your timelapse’s are great, you have given me some inspiration to try one myself sometime 🙂


  2. My uncle used to live down in Callala Bay for nearly 20 years and I have such fond memories going down to visit him, my aunt, and my two cousins. One thing that is so vividly etched in my memory is the weather at Jervis Bay, strong, always changing, and alive. Great time lapse, it very much captures the bay in all its glory.


    1. Hi Greg …. I use LR4 to synch process the frames (say 100 per scene), LRTimelapse for de-flicker and crunching the actual mp4 scene files, and then put it together in iMovie with a suitable soundtrack. Wes


    1. Thanks Kathryn … The beaches of Jervis Bay have the whitest sand in the world and under blue skies the water is turquoise. I try to get there a few times each year to see the seasons change.


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