The Golden Moment

Currambene Creek enters Jervis Bay immediately north of Huskisson on the western shore of the bay, and is part of the Jervis Bay Marine Park – it includes a Sanctuary and Habitat Protection Zone along its shore.

The animals and plants here have adapted to survive in an environment of seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and intertidal mudflats. The area also has cultural significance for local Aboriginal communities.

These images were made at dusk last week and truly demonstrate the importance of waiting for and using those very small windows of opportunity where the light and water conditions are perfect. By the time I packed the gear inside the bag the magic was gone.

5 thoughts on “The Golden Moment

    1. Hi Kathryn … I’m not sure if I’m seeing the same thing, but I’ve re-posted it. Let me know if anything is amiss. The Theme I use does only allow a narrow band for photos in the centre if that is what you mean ? Wes


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