The Memory of Trains

Carcoar is a town nestled in a small green valley on the oak-lined banks of the Belubula River in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia – 52 km south-west of Bathurst and 720 m above sea-level.

Carcoar is the third oldest town west of the Blue Mountains, and was once one of the most important government centres in Western New South Wales, being on the western highway and rail line from Sydney, and is classified by the National Trust.

However, with the Mid Western Highway eventually by-passing the town, closure of the courthouse and the rail line service ceasing in the 1980's, Carcoar fell into a gradual decline as a major centre. As a result Carcoar has to an extent become “the town that time forgot”. It remains though a beautifully preserved example of an English style19th century town.

The Railway Station built in 1886 sits abandoned and quiet overlooking the town ……… remembering.


12 thoughts on “The Memory of Trains

  1. Oh how I adore trains. Been traveling on them since I was a child. I’m still addicted and ride the rails every chance I get. Love your blog!


  2. The decline started earlier than that. When the rail line was built the railways chose Cowra as the site of the depot over Carcoar. Carcoar stopped growing then and Cowra gradually took over as the major town in the district.
    Nice images, I remember travelling there by a tour train in 2000. It was one of the last trains on the line before it was finally mothballed.


    1. Thanks for that information Jim. As a small boy I travelled every winter holidays to my grandparents farm on the Cowra line (steam train) …. Now that line is closed even for tourism. Hopefully the lines will be left in place for the future and a rail renaissance


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