Weekly Photo Challenge – Object

This week's Challenge is OBJECT

Any photographer who travels to Paris is overwhelmed by the Target Rich environment that surrounds you every moment of the day and night. Every Object in Paris has been imaged millions of times over many years and it's easy to just fill camera cards with the same old standards ….
Maybe it was the cold and wet Spring of May 13, and the constant need to think carefully about the pale and fleeting light while nestling the 7D under a small umbrella, that forced me to focus on a particular theme about each “object” – and sometimes it worked. Objects in and on the Objects.
The curved decorative arches that add grace to the Tower (unnecessary structurally but imaging it without them).

The delicate metalwork arches of the Pont des Arts where lovers have for years confirmed their devotion with padlocks.

The intricate stonework inside the arches of Notre-Dame
The cold reflection of the weak sun in the street lights on a wintery morning
Perfection carved in stone



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