WPC – Juxtaposition (Re-Posted)

Apologies – A few technical issues with the previous version ….

This week's Photo Challenge is …. Juxtaposition

Opinion is sharply divided over Wind Farming. There are those who say that the Juxtaposition of 45m high turbines with 47m wide rotors on a rolling green pastoral landscape is wrong, that they kill birds and the harmonics are disturbing. Then there are the many supporters who maintain that the impact Wind Farms have on reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere overrides any aesthetic or comfort concerns people might have.

Blayney wind farm stands above Lake Carcoar and the Carcoar dam. The farm is on two properties whose families have grazed livestock for many years, and royalty payments to the landowners supplement their incomes. Livestock continue to graze the land up to the turbine tower bases.


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