Cherish the Sunrise (Time Lapse)

An unexpected journey last week took us from Bathurst NSW, north to the Gold Coast, Queensland. This is not a road trip I would usually make in the middle of the Australian summer holidays especially with a back injury … however the decision to support close friends in the loss of their 9 year old daughter/grand-daughter was the right one to make certainly. Nothing prepares parents for this. The Memorial Service overlooking the waves of the Coral Sea, captured for everyone I think not just how a small beautiful life can be cut so short but also how to live life to the full as she did, despite overwhelming physical challenges.

Our accommodation overlooked Pacific Beach at Currumbin, and for 3 mornings I rose at 4am and setup the camera equipment on our balcony to capture the sunrise. Each was unique and special in its own way … Light cloud, heavy overcast, occasional rain squalls and the slanting flashlight of dawn as the sun crested the horizon and reflected off the sea.

At those moments, and in the circumstances that brought us there, the need to always cherish life as it is happening in front of our eyes was abundantly obvious – and the wonderful words of George Harrison came back ….

Sunrise doesn't last all morning
A cloudburst doesn't last all day
All things must pass …
All things must pass away









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