River Story – Time Lapse

A compilation of time lapse and still images taken over the changing seasons on the Macquarie River, Bathurst NSW Australia.

At the western end of the city, the river flows through rich agricultural land … and the banks are lined with gum trees, native shrubs and grasses and also with exotic poplars and willows, providing shade on hot summer days.

In the winter, the surface of deep pools shine gold and yellow in the sun.


7 thoughts on “River Story – Time Lapse

    1. Thanks Kathryn – I’m finding that the music track takes longer to organise than the movie edit process. It’s a trial and error thing to find the correct music for the “mood” in your head as the photographer, and then to match the scenes to the score. Fun though, and worth it if others feel the emotion of the place or time in some way


  1. Like the way you capture an essence of timelessness; the poetry of the river; and the grand scale of the skies and her changing moods. Isn’t it intriguing to watch the formations of the clouds altering, swirling, dancing. I also watched your Vimeo clips on End of Time, and Macquarie Dawn – short clips but lasting impressions and with the choice of music, an inviting way of capturing an audience. Documenting the soul of a place.


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