Paris – Lumiere

As some may recall, I spent 10 days in Paris last May … The wintry European “Spring” of 2013. However, during that time I managed to capture images of a particular Paris mood that I think will certainly define that city for me forever as it has for many others – or until I manage to return and experience a warm Parisian summer morning in the Tuileries Garden.

In posts sent while in Paris, I've shown some of those images in black & white as I believe that medium portrays the essential moment in which most were taken.….. leaden skies, gentle rain and slanting sun through cloud producing in Paris a unique pallete with which light paints the landscape and buildings.

Paris is known by many names, none more pertinent during those 10 days than …. Ville Lumiere (City of Light).

On my return, I set about putting the best Paris images into a Photo Book mainly for personal satisfaction but also to more easily show friends and family just how wonderful a cold and wet Paris can be if you are prepared to step out into the shining streets at dawn and shelter a camera under an umbrella on the Pont d'lena waitng for the bridge lights to come on.

For those interested, there is an eBook version available at very modest cost (Link below) – or in the Blurb Bookstore adjacent there is a Hard Copy version for a less modest cost.

Paris – Lumiere (eBook Link)

5 thoughts on “Paris – Lumiere

  1. Looking forward to your e-book. Thanks for the past year of innovative and interesting posts; and taking me along on your travels. Happy New Year to you and yours in Australia. Marty


    1. Thanks MV … I also think your Road Trip would make a fine book. And I’d prefer your winter right now, it’s been high 30sC this past week. Hope the New Year is a good one for you. Wes


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