Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

This week's Challenge is UNEXPECTED
Sipping a Negroni cruising the Danube River, Austria late one afternoon in May, I was suddenly awakened from my state of reverie by an unexpected vision on the River bank ….. Firstly, the sight of numerous fishing huts all brightly coloured and each crafted to suit the owners design – and also by this guy busily mowing his little flower covered patch of lawn. Lesson is always have camera by your side.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

  1. Glad you had your camera too! What exactly do they do in the fish huts? Smoke them? Brine them? Scale them? Curious minds want to know…


    1. Hi Katrina …. I’ve tried to get info on them since May, but no real progress. I think they are just what they look like – the equivalent of a luxury tent along any River for weekend escapes. The fishing in the Danube is I think incredible (or was) so if it was me I’d be going there often. Some people seem to put serious time into the design and finishes with TV, wind generators and solar panels. I’ll put another one on Flickr for you shortly.


      1. Yes please do and thats a luxury tent I could live with ! Love it. I imagine maybe it started to keep the fish scent away? I dunno but its sedate and alluring to me.


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