Timelapse – Cows at Sunrise


My first Timelapse attempt …. Click Here

764 MB of data (359 raw files) over an hour of imaging – processed down to 14 seconds.

It's an addictive and fascinating craft that after only a few days I can now see will drag me down into its depths and drown me in no time. My laptop is already low on storage and my external 750 GB HD is looking fairly ordinary now.



8 thoughts on “Timelapse – Cows at Sunrise

    1. Hi Maralee … There is a massive amount of information online about Time Lapse, but it’s easy to get bogged down with it all as I did. This is a link to a good basic tutorial http://digital-photography-school.com/timelapse-photography-tutorial-an-overview-of-shooting-processing-and-rending-timelapse-movies
      Also I ended up spending $5 and buying an eBook from Craft & Vision called Timelapse – that was money well spent as it takes you carefully through the workflow and gives you interactive examples of the process.



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