WPC – Horizon 2

The Horizons of Childhood …..

This horizon … the green hills rising into a clear blue sky, rocky outcrops on the summit and gum trees scattered across the landscape – is deeply etched into my mind.
As a small boy, I travelled every winter school holiday to my grandparents farm outside Cowra in the Central West of NSW. There, for a few weeks in August, rising before the sun I roamed these hills. The wheat fields of Wattamondara spread below me and I imagined a future that only 10 year old boys can.
Fifty years later, it is a horizon I drive past a few times each year now – and I can stand at this gate as I did a few months ago (trying not to count the years) – and reflect on the history of this place, my mothers' part in it and how I am who I am partly because of the times I spent there.


9 thoughts on “WPC – Horizon 2

  1. Thank you for sharing this thoughts with us! Happy are those people, who have such strong connections to their roots and such a secure childhood. I have quite similar feelings and thoughts when I stand at the shores of the eastern sea in nortern germany, where my grandparents lived and where I have been so often in the vacancies. It’s like yesterday, even if 40 years passed by…


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