Dawn and Nightfall – Jervis Bay

Nelson Beach lies in the Habitat Protection Zone of Jervis Bay Marine Park, NSW South Coast – Australia.

Dawn over Point Perpendicular


Nightfall – View across to the Naval Base beneath the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy


The Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way over the escarpment. Treetops lit by Point Perpendicular Lighthouse


2 thoughts on “Dawn and Nightfall – Jervis Bay

  1. I’ve never seen the LMC in such perspective. Beautiful; and I have to say the same for the center of the galaxy. This week I finally started playing with night exposures – from Barnegat Lighthouse, Initial results were encouraging. Future post about it in the works.


    1. I look forward to that. What I’m discovering is that 30 seconds on a dark night landscape reveals amazing things like the LMC and that was totally unexpected. The sky is full of light … Our eyes just can’t see it.


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