The Wheat Fields of Wattamondara

Scattered around a gently sloping hillside between the railway line and Olympic Highway located approximately 14 kilometres south of Cowra, the village of Wattamondara sleeps quietly – a shadow of the thriving rural village it once was.
In the 1840's Wattamondara was one of the busiest stations on the Cowra-Harden railway line with a butcher, baker, blacksmith and market garden supporting the village. With the closure of the railway line the village services ceased but now it attracts new residents with the lure of the rural lifestyle.

In 1929 my grandparents bought and managed a 1600 acre sheep and wheat farm on the hills behind Wattamondara and raised their family. My mother described how with some sadness she eventually boarded the train here for the last time, to travel to Sydney for her wedding. Today the railway tracks and station platform lie hidden beneath overgrown grass …. And standing there now in the spring sunshine, if you listen, you can hear the sound of farmers bringing their harvest to the now deserted wheat silo from half a century ago.


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