Black & White Photo Challenge: Texture

Sonel's Challenge this week is Texture
The Congress Hall – Nürnberg

The Congress Hall (Kongresshalle) is the biggest preserved national socialist monumental building and is landmarked. It was planned by the Nuremberg architects Ludwig and Franz Ruff as a congress centre for the NSDAP with a self-supporting roof and should have provided 50,000 seats, and was located on the shore of and in the pond Dutzendteich and marked the entrance of the rally grounds.

The building reached a height of 39 m (129 ft) (a height of 70 m was planned) and a diameter of 250 m (843 ft). The building is mostly built out of clinker with a facade of granite panels. It was modeled on the Colloseum in Rome.

The sun on this cold spring day cast deep shadows into the recessed archways, and the rough clinker brickwork revealed strongly the texture of days …. A sordid testimony to megalomania and the harvest of wasted lives.


2 thoughts on “Black & White Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. Stunning shot and great entry for the challenge indeed. Thanks for the interesting info as well and for taking part. Much appreciated. 😀


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