11 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge: Upward

    1. Thanks Charlie …. Lichtgewimmel believes it is the petro chemical plant near Cologne. It suddenly appeared, and I didn’t have time to work it out. Imagine that in your neighborhood !


    2. It’s mostly only water vapour from a huge cooling pipe, as far as I know.
      Wes might remember the bad smell – I think the vapour carries aromatic hydrocarbon compounds…nothing to worry about, but quite nasty.


  1. Great take on the entry indeed. Stunning shot and thanks for taking part and I am glad I got the pingback link otherwise I would have missed it for sure. 😀


  2. I think, I might Know, where this is…
    I suppose, south of Cologne, in Wesseling!
    This must be the ugly Petrochemics from Degussa!
    Best regards from Stefan

    PS: the Photo is never the less impressing!


    1. I wish I had a GPS for many things I saw along the river or I could remember exactly …. But that sounds correct. The people living around there must worry about their health. Wes


      1. My wife grew up in that town. There are 3 of these huge petrochemical plants, situated directly at the river rhine. People must not be afraid for pollutions, but it’s ugly like hell and if there really would happen an accident one day the Explosion could be Seen 100 Kilometer away…
        I would never ever live There…


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