The Scorpion’s Sting

The stars that comprise the sting of constellation Scorpius …. Sargas, Iota Scorpii, Kappa Scorpii, Shaula and Lesath shine through the star clouds of the Milky Way.
Shaula is the second brightest star in Scorpius and the 25th brightest star in the sky and approximately 700 light years distant from the solar system. Sargas is an evolved bright yellow giant star approximately 300 light years distant and is 1,834 times more luminous than the Sun.
Below the sting lie M 6 and M 7 – two bright naked eye open clusters. M 6 is known as the “Butterfly Cluster”.
M 7, known as Ptolemy's Cluster, is much larger and appears as a fuzzy spot against the Milky Way background. It appears twice the size of the moon, and was known to the Greek astronomer Ptolemy as early as 325 BCE. It lies 1000 light years distant.

2 thoughts on “The Scorpion’s Sting

  1. Saw Scorpio best on a sailing charter in the British Virgin Islands sometime ago – deep in the night, while alone on the deck of the boat, the bright Milky Way and…
    Scorpio about the highest latitude, and best I’ve ever seen it.


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