Prague to Paris_Singapore

A few hours at Raffles on a hot and humid Singapore afternoon …. Sipping Gin & Tonic

“Raffles stands for all the fables of the exotic East” ….. remarked Somerset Maugham in the hotel’s imaginary album.

“May we use this for our PR campaigns, Mr Maugham?” Franz Schutzmann, Raffles Manager at this time, asked the fabled writer.

“Of course, you may old chap!” Maugham replied, and ever since this saying can be found whereever the logo Raffles appears.

Maugham fell in love with the Grand Old Lady when he arrived for the first time in March 1921. He used to sit under the Frangipani tree in the left hand corner of the Palm-court eating breakfast and wearing only a pair of shorts. There – every morning until lunch, and in Suite 78 he worked on his short story collection ‘The Trembling of a Leaf’ and also a play called ‘East of Suez’.


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