Prague to Paris

Tomorrow, I pack the telescope away for a month and embark on a European River Cruise.

We fly from Sydney, Australia to Prague for 3 days – then travel down to Budapest boarding the River Cruise boat for 15 days through to Amsterdam.

Along the river we stop at Vienna, Durnstein-Melk, Linz-Passau, Regensberg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Wurzburg, Wertheim, Rudesheim and Cologne-Dusseldorf.

The TGV then takes us from Amsterdam to Paris for 9 days.

Depending on Internet access !!! I hope to post a few images during the journey. Otherwise will do so when I return in June.
Winter is approaching here and the first frost has already settled. I will “miss” the cold nights under the southern stars in May, but it will be good to spend a month in the European Spring.


7 thoughts on “Prague to Paris

  1. By the way – the german Part of the map must have been made by someone, who knows Germany as well as he knows the surface of Mars… 😉
    Explore it yourself and then make a better One! 😉


    1. Thank you for your advice on the wine …. And yes I think the “map” is fairly diagrammatic. I have a google map for details. Time will prevent me seeing all the things I’ve pinned to that map as it always does for everyone travelling especially when I have such a short time in every place on the river.
      Regards. Wes


  2. This is a nice trip! I Know most of the areas quite well (living nearby Munich) and you’ll get to see some beautiful places. We have a late spring this year, but now all is blooming and getting green.
    Have a nice Trip and enjoy! And do Not miss to taste some if the good wines from the shores of the rivers Donau (Danube) Main and Rhine.
    Greetings from Stefan


  3. You’re SOOOO lucky! This is awesome! I wish I could go to Prague one day. Safe journey and definitely post a pic or two when possible. Godspeed!


  4. happy traveling allen! it looks like the trip of a lifetime … we have not seen eastern europe at all but we do spend time in paris with our son, which/who we love … when you return we will be up in the kimberly probably also out of touch … so have fun, looking forward to seeing your images when you return 🙂


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