The Orion Complex



The Great Orion Nebula (M42) at top of this wide field image is a small part of a much larger cloud of gas and dust that extends over 10 degrees, covering half of the constellation Orion. This much larger nebula is known as the Orion Molecular Complex.

The OMC extends several hundreds of light-years, and includes Barnard's Loop, and the massive star forming region of Horse head and Flame Nebulae (NGC 2024) seen at bottom of image.



Imaged 7 January 2012, 10pm
Canon 7D
Canon 70-200 @ f/2.8? Piggy-backed on Celestron CPC.
Focal Length 200mm
ISO 3200
Stacked image – 40 x 15 sec with Deep Sky Stacker


4 thoughts on “The Orion Complex

    1. Thanks for your comment Norman …. Every time I image Orion it improves slightly, but without some serious guiding capability I may have reached my limit. An EQ mount is the only solution.


  1. I love that region of space! In particular M42 and the horsehead nebula! When I found out that I could image the horsehead nebula myself, I jumped in joy as it was one of my most favourite deepsky objects! Great “panorama”-shot!


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