M42_Great Nebula in Orion (Re-visited)

The Shield of Achilles

The first thing he created was a huge and sturdy shield,
all wonderfully crafted. Around its outer edge,
he fixed a triple rim, glittering in the light,
attaching to it a silver carrying strap.
The shield had five layers. On the outer one,
with his great skill he fashioned many rich designs.
There he hammered out the earth, the heavens, the sea,
the untiring sun, the moon at the full, along with
every constellation which crowns the heavens
the Pleiades, the Hyades, mighty Orion,
and the Bear, which some people call the Wain,
always circling in the same position, watching Orion,
the only stars that never bathe in Ocean stream.

Homer – The Iliad

Re-Imaged a few hours before dawn in a cold dark sky 11 November – with improved stacking to remove noise.
ISO 800
28 x 20s subs
20 x 20s darks
Canon 7D – Prime focussed through Celestron CPC 9.25



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